Information Management - Cloud Solutions 

Benefits of moving to a cloud provider:

  • Secure
  • Accessible
  • Backup/Restore
  • Cost Effective
  • Greater Capabilities





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It is difficult  for a business owner to make decisions on how they are going to manage their business information.  It needs to be cost effective, reliable, easy to maintain and secure. This might mean a departure from how you may have traditionally thought of how information is managed within an SMB.  If you're around the office you can see the information.  It's on flash drives, lap tops, and you might even have a server on-site and a decent network. You can see the components and you know where your business information is. 

Traditionally there has been some comfort in that, keeping all your information “in-house” until you start to think about that aging server, the endless software licenses, the countless bills for IT and DB consultants to keep the patchwork system running because the thought and expense of migrating to an entirely new system and the ensuing business interruption just makes your head spin.The key thing is though, the information is your business. How you manage your customer’s information is part of your brand.  Your customers need to trust that the information that they provide you is secure and you can't afford the loss of reputation should your businesses suffer a data breach or an employee failed to install a patch or system upgrade.

Your business may have even fallen victim to abandon-ware where your network server  and software providers have decided that your platform is no longer profitable for them to support throwing you to the mercy of more IT consultants to maintain your dated  information system and keep it limping along as it falls further behind in capability and security.  

By moving your business information from a locally administered platform that you must maintain and secure yourself to a cloud provider not only will protect your information assets in a very cost effective way, but will build confidence in your customers as well for the following reasons:


  • Your data is backed up and accessible in the cloud;
  • Your cloud provider will have higher security standards;
  • Your cloud provider will be better able to handle security threats.
  • You will have access to information solutions that your business may not have previously had access to due to data volume and cost constraints.